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Comfort Realty invites vigorous, ambitions, and target-oriented people to joint its team.

A mediator in real estate is commonly referred to as real estate agent or realtor, originating from the term realty, i.e. real estate properties in general. A professional real estate agent specialises in looking for and finding appropriate accommodation or commercial property spaces; he or she knows the market thoroughly and is able to adequately evaluate clients' preferences and affordability. A real estate agent helps people sell, rent out, buy or rent any premises of any variety quickly and easily.

Real estate agent's job requires scrupulous adherence to the following obligations:

  • Conduct a demand and supply analysis of the real estate market
  • Examine offers and select the best options for lease, sale, or purchase
  • Relate with the client quickly and ascertain the client's needs with adequacy and precision

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By working as a real estate agent in Comfort Realty, you will be able:

  • To receive decent remuneration which will be directly depending on your performance as a specialist
  • To build your career in the real estate market as you develop your own skills as a realtor
  • To gain new experience by learning from genuine professionals in the sector and enhance your level of qualification
  • To think outside the box and approach the issue-solving in a creative manner
  • To render top quality services to clients you interact with

By working for Comfort Realty—which is a leading real estate agency in Lviv—you will gain invaluable experience, develop your skills as a professional, and make good money. The company's primary goal is to deliver comfort and efficiency to satisfy the client's needs. We will find the property you need where you need it, when you need it, of proper quality and at an affordable price. 
If you wish to become a proficient realtor, render top quality services and make good money, we will be happy to welcome you to our team.

A real estate agent's career is for the people who are properly self-organised, have excellent communication skills, and enjoy interacting with people.



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