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Searching for a place to live is always a challenge requiring significant efforts and consuming time needed to assess the offers in the real estate market. Even experienced tenants sometimes face difficulties in finding the right flat. Considering the high demand, one often fails to «catch» the option one finds attractive. A lot of people just do not have enough time to browse and screen and detect new offers emerging in the real estate market and ring up the owners to clarify details. The best option you can resort to in this situation is to engage the real estate agent's services. 
Comfort Realty company will help you find a flat you need swiftly and easily, using the input requirements you provide.

We deal with our clients in stages, specifically:

  1. Using the search field on the main page, you find the residence you need, contact a representative of our company to clarify the details and voice your wishes with regard to the flat you wish to rent;
  2. The real estate agent will then provide detailed answers to your questions and will render qualified consultation and valuable advice helping you to find the residence you need;
  3. Considering all of your preferences, equipped with a database of flats rented out (which is updated daily), as well as ads in mass media and any other sources of info at the agent's disposal, the professional will engage in looking for options complying with the input criteria you submitted; the agent will then negotiate with the residence owner, agree on specifics, and prepare presentations of flats (apartments) for you.
  4. Demonstrations of residence options are included in the agreement signed by the Agency and the Customer; hence, the real estate agent undertakes to show the client as many options as the client needs to select a top quality residence.
  5. And—the flat of your dream has been selected! Next, our specialist shall verify the proper documents certifying the rights of ownership to the real estate item and then shall organise and follow-up the process of conclusion of the lease agreement.
  6. Finally, you will pay a one-time commission for the services rendered by the real estate agent.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ring our consultation centre and our employees will provide comprehensive answers and explanations you need.

Comfort Realty employs professionals with enormous practical experience in the field who are constantly monitoring the situation in the real estate market. 
If you wish to rent out your flat/apartment, our representatives are here to help you professionally assess any real estate item in terms of market value, investment opportunities, user value, and insurance expenses. You can be sure that your house, flat, or another real estate item will be assessed in accordance with all regulations and standards, in a qualified manner and as soon and precisely as possible.

How can I rent out my property quickly and easily?

Comfort Realty will help you rent out your real property quickly and easily—just fill in the application online at our website, submit it, and our assessment expert will visit the property you specified, in order to:

  1. Ascertain market value for the specified real property.
  2. Assess the property's marketability.
  3. Negotiate with the property's owner on the price of the property and use the value as basis to ascertain the period of lease.
  4. Next, the agency launches a campaign advertising the property.
  5. The property is visited and examined by potential buyers or tenants.
  6. All the necessary documents are being prepared to furnish and conclude the lease agreement.
  7. Legal support of the lease agreement.
  8. Rendering information and consulting services.

How can I rent out my property quickly and easily?

Choose Comfort Realty and your accommodation issues will be resolved asap. After we receive your request to search for an accommodation:

  1. Our real estate agents will select the accommodation options that correspond to your stated preferences.
  2. We invite you to introduce our company and to sign a services provision agreement. 
  3. We agree on the time of site visits to desirable properties.
  4. We provide legal support of the agreement.
  5. We assist you to furnish the agreements.
  6. We render information and consulting services.

Find affordable housing?

Estate agency 'Comfort Realty' will always help you in finding a reliable home. Comfortable with us!

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