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Legal follow-up (support) provided by experts of the Comfort Realty is something we can be truly proud of. Our legal department is there to protect you from miscellaneous attempts at fraud or misleading.

What is legal follow-up?

  • Consultancy services rendered by the best real estate agents, managers, and experts
  • Examination and preparation of documents as well as draft agreements for contracts to be concluded
  • Verification of the owner's (landlord's) documents of entitlement to the real estate property item in question
  • Assistance in obtaining mortgage loans

Comfort Realty specialises in individual interaction with sellers and landlords who conclude an exclusive services agreement with Comfort Realty which the agency uses to manage the real property. This allows us to significantly minimise time needed to find clients willing to buy or rent residential property. With our experience in real estate business under European standards, Comfort Realty strives to build and maintain strong relations with our clients. By entering into a corresponding agreement with our agency, you entrust us with your property and it will be handled by professionals who will deliver top quality services in full manner.

Buyers and tenants dealing with us are legally protected, as in the course of preparation of the property to be sold or rented out, we perform a comprehensive verification of documents in terms of compliance with acting legislation. Specifically, we ascertain:

  • that the actual owners of the property possess all of the ownership entitlements
  • the exact number of individuals registered under the address of the said property
  • that there are no circumstances hindering the registration of the sale-purchase agreement or lease agreement

In order to prepare a sale-purchase agreement for a real estate item, the following documents are to be collected in advance:

  1. Passports (National IDs) of the buyers of the property; spouse's passport, if the buyer is married.
  2. Tax identification number of all of the buyers of the property; spouse's tax ID number, if the buyer is married; children's tax ID numbers, if they are also to be listed as buyers of the property.
  3. Marriage Certificate (if the buyer is married)
  4. Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate (if the buyer was married in the past).
  5. Notarially certified application (written consent) from spouse agreeing to the purchase of the property (if the spouse is not present at signing of the agreement).
  6. Birth Certificate of children (if the children are to become buyers/owners of the real estate property.

What the Seller needs to prepare:

  1. Passport and tax ID code.
    If the property is co-owned, all of the owners are to attend the signing of the sale-purchase agreement. If either is unable to attend, a notarially certified power of attorney is to be furnished;
    Certificate of change of surname, name, and/or patronymic (if applicable).
  2. Marriage Certificate.
    If the flat had been purchased/is purchased while married, the spouse must provide a notarially certified consent to sell/buy the said flat.
  3. Ownership entitlement documents (depending on how the property was acquired.)
  4. Technical Data Sheet.
  5. Expert assessment of the property.
  6. The "Form-2" reference. (This is a reference stating the number of individuals registered under the said address; it is issued by the Municipal Residential Utility Services Company (ZhEK), Housing Cooperative (OSBB), or the bureau of migration.
  7. References confirming that there are no debts/arrears.

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