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Renting a House in the Suburbs: Five Key Benefits

Moving outside the boundaries city proper is a serious step whereby one needs to weigh all of one's options. However, if you are not in for the big step of buying real property but only wish to rent it, the undertaking becomes considerably less challenging. You are about to have the occasion to try a new mode of living and see for yourself whether you fancy it or not.

Living in the suburbs presents itself with five major benefits:

1. It is Cost Saving

Renting a house in the suburbs is oftentimes cheaper than renting a flat within city proper. At the same time, you may well find the perfect option in terms of location, commuting, engineering facilities etc whereas the square metreage/footage will be considerably higher thereby. This is of particularly pressing importance at the current time, with property prices rising dramatically. Same amount of money can either buy you a modest flat within the centre of the city OR a spacious cottage outside the urban core.

2. The Environment is your Friend

Even the greenest city is still flooded with cars, public transport, and industrial enterprises. Clean air is one of the most important factors urging people to move. This is particularly the case with people suffering from allergies and respiratory health challenges such as asthma. Within several weeks of living in a suburban home, such persons will admit to having improved their health considerably: they feel it is easier to breathe, they sleep better, and they enjoy waking up in the morning, spending their days in a cheerful and buoyant mood.

There are, however, less apparent aspects—such as the quality of water, including water reservoirs and home water supply system. At present, most of the houses are equipped with autonomous engineering networks and water-well holes. The house is thus equipped with fresh water at all times. Moreover, with the environmental trends being increasingly widespread, a resident of a standalone house will defo find it easier to adhere to the principles of responsible consumption, waste sorting and recycling etc.

3. You will have your Own Yard

The metreage/footage of your suburban house will most certainly exceed that of a flat—but this is not the only advantage it offers. The house has its own yard where, depending upon the area and the specific characteristics, you might installa variety of pleasant upgrade features, such as a gazebo, a barbecue joint, a playground for kids, a swimming pool—or, you might as well use it to plant a garden or a vegetable field. You will be free to keep pets, too: a large dog will have lots of room to run about. Some will even start up a full-time farm with chicken, rabbits, and cattle.

This (latter) sub-option should, however, be examined in more detail as it is best to decide at the very beginning where exactly would you prefer to rent a house: in a cottage settlement akin to a small town, or in a proper village where you will spend time working in your garden and in your field.

4. No Worries about Parking Space

The issue of finding space to park your car is a pressing matter for any motorist. This is a particularly painful issue in the city of Lviv—with its tiny streets, 19th century urban developments, and a bustling business and entertainment life on top of it—a metropolis trying to fit in. In the suburbs, you will never even bother: your yard will command enough space to accommodate a decent parking place OR a proper garage. This will all, of course, be free of charge—and you are not going to be concerned with safety issues.

5. Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

Outside the city realm, there are no noisy streets, nor motorways, nor cars. There are no 24h establishments and no bunches of folks strolling under your windows. At first, right after you have moved, you will notice the wondrous quiet atmosphere. There are no neighbours right across the wall or on top of your flat, which is another pleasant advantage. You may feel free to turn on the music at night or watch films at full volume and not be concerned about bothering people from the adjacent residences—and neither will they bother you, too.

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